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Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon


Hey there everyone, welcome to the first blog entry for Phish!

If I’m being totally honest, this blog really shouldn’t exist. It was never really my plan to have a blog, at least not before the actual website was up and running and the blog was really sort of an afterthought for me.

I’ve always considered this whole blogging thing to be the medium of snobs, fashionistas and Kardashian inspired rich no bodies. Sure there are news sites and cooking sites, and technology sites that all have blogs..and I certainly read articles on those sites; but somehow in my mind those things were different..they were not blogs..they were…something else designed for smart people…not blogs…damnit!!!

I couldn’t see past my own insecurities about the medium to really see the value that it could hold for me and others like me. Thankfully, Thirty-Four year old dogs can be taught new tricks, and this blog is a sort of therapy for me, designed to correct some internal negativity that I have acquired over the years. I also get to gab about stuff I like with like minded folks (and everyone else), kind of like what happens when I go bar hopping on the weekends but without those tasty doses of liquid courage! Yay sobriety!

The whole concept of Phish Craft stemmed from the hope of creating a vehicle for self expression on the web. Not just for technology, or design or illustration or other things commonly seen as art. I wanted to leave the floor open to discuss anything that fueled my creative spirit or where my creativity found a means of expression through action. Because for me creating isn’t just what I do (Web Design, Illustration, making homemade Stargates with instructions I found on; Creating is a part of who I am, (Socialite, Pagan, Sleeper Agent for the Gay Agenda).

The art of creation is infused into every aspect of my life, and I had to believe that there were other people out there who felt the same way. So whether you’re an Illustrator, Photographer, Designer, Basket Weaver, Reiki Master, Alchemist, Lawyer, Businessman or a Geophysicist with misguided plans to disrupt offshore drilling in the United States, there is room at the creative round table for all of us to learn and grow…without causing a national incident!

So the primary goal of this blog is to discuss the varied elements that I’ve drawn inspiration from and that have helped me to express my own creativity. It is my hope that by sharing my inspiration with you that it will kick start the fires of creativity in you all. And by your sharing of your own experiences with me we will be able to create a beautiful symbiosis of learning and growth.

What Lies Ahead…

I’ve got all kinds of article ideas and projects planned for the future of Phish Craft, but I feel like it’s important to keep things simple to start. In that vein I’ve chosen two projects that I feel are the crux of what Phish Craft is all about.

The first article series that I’ll be starting is called FUEL. Everything that works, needs energy to make it go. Everything has it’s own type of fuel that empowers it’s function. I often find that I wake up in the morning by doing soft musical scales in the shower. It wakes up my mind with a relaxing action and gets my body in a state of motion by promoting breathing and muscle action. it’s also great for clearing up the sinuses! What’s your fuel? What things inspire and empower you to create? When you’re feeling stuck in a rut, what tricks or techniques do you use to get your creative motor running again? In this series we will explore our own personal creative energy. We’ll seek to understand what gives us our greatest creative charge and we’ll talk about ways to get past those pitfalls in life that block our creative energy and make us feel run down.

The second article series is called EXPRESSION. Once we have found our Fuel we can use that energy to build or create something truly powerful. We can express our passions fully and share them with the world. When I do a web design, I usually have a detailed plan of action when I execute a project. But the passion of the project can often be lost when there is too much planning and not enough gut reaction. Sometimes I have to change out my tools! What is your prefered vehicle of self expression? What are the tools of your craft? How do you create the best plan of action to realize your desired outcome? The expression series is all about exploring the project from the angles of mind, body and spirit. Finding the vehicle of self expression that best suites you, choosing the right tools and making plans that will succeed. Projects have the best chance of succeeding when all parts of ourselves are in alignment.

Anything that I’ve ever learned, about anything that I ever thought was important enough to remember I learned from fiction…specifically comics books. You are now reading this and thinking that I’m a total looney… but it’s true.

I would never have bothered to learn more about things, like drawing, design, geometry, foreign language, the cosmos, tachyons, quantum physics and quite a few other things, if it hadn’t been for great stories, great art, and iconic characters. There would be no Phish Craft without comics, and no Phish Craft blog would be complete without a bit of good ol’ storytelling.


So I have decided to included the Chronicles of Master Phish, my flagship character. I’ll leave the details a secret for the time being but I’ll reveal more about this project as it develops.


You may have noticed that our current website is a bit…sparse. I had considered waiting to put the site up until I had finished the design for the new site, But every project has to start somewhere. So this current site will serve the purpose of keeping you up to date on the status of the new site and provide ways to stay connected with all of the goings on here at Phish Craft as well as ways to view our past and current projects.

With a new site build, site updates, blog posts, a new comic book project, and my plans to transport my entire consciousness on the the virtual plan — SWEET! — I’m pretty sure I’ll be busy for a long while and hopefully you’ll have lots to keep you interested as well.

So thanks for taking the time to get acquainted with this first blog post. I’ll be back soon with some great articles on igniting and fueling our creative spirits.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, sharing and promoting personal empowerment through creative self expression in the digital and material realms alike (don’t be scared to leave comments, I can’t possible bite you over the internet). Thanks for joining me on this journey, as we build and shape the future of Phish Craft together.

Until next time.

Find Your Fuel and Express Yourself!

Jeffrey S Moore


  1. Congrats on getting the blog up and running, Jeff!

    Glad to see you’ve find yourself a little corner of cyber-space to haunt. Loving the Master Phish sketch, by the way :-)

  2. Jason Glick says:

    Mad props master Phish… Very inspiring blog… And the master Phish banner is the shit!!!! I’m eagerly awaiting the next post!!! Get to it son!!!

  3. Fuel….Let me share a story with ya Phish, about 2 years ago i went camping with eddie, just me and him trying to get some brother alone time in. one night sitting around the fire he said to me jay what happened to the drive you had for your inks… and i had to think about it for a minute, after i thought about i said to him that life had gotten in the way with daddy and his cancer fight and me and b trying to get shit done on our own and getting screwed all the time it had taken the mad toll on me.And he looked at me and said well what’s stopping you now, and i didn’t have an answer for him, cause there was nothing stopping me at all,After i got home from the trip i sat and really thought about it bro, and it it me like someone slapped the snot outta me, i had to start back from where i had gotten my INSPIRATION in the first place.So i took my ass down to steves and started looking at the racks of books and picked some up to read, and sitting in the house reading issues and digging the art i started to get that old familiar feel again, the passion of comics…..sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and remember that feeling again..

    • Jay, Thanks so much for that story. It reminds me of a similar story that happened to me around 2005/2006. Sometimes the greatest FUEL we can get is a nice swift kick in the ass!!! In fact I think you just inspired my next post. So Thanks again! Much appreciated.

  4. Great insite, Jay: “sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and remember that feeling again..”

    So very true…

  5. I have worked with Master Phish over the course of a year. He has produced quality work for 9 pictures for my book Endgame: Sons of America. He was given materials to work with and one character came from pure imagination. I am most proud of that character. I finally saw that character come to life. He has given my story a logo, a face to stand behind. Phish has excellent communication skills keeping informed on time tables and asking me questions insuring my satisfaction. I look forward to collaborating with him in the future. Jeff is truly the Master.
    Dave (Crusher) Salon

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